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Cleaning Service

At Prime Home Aid we offer a full range of cleaning services, including the below, if there is something more bespoke we will try and arrange that as well: 


Domestic Cleaning

We offer a range of domestic services throughout the UK. With bespoke and package options, you’ll be sure to find the service you’re looking for

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Housekeeping Service

Busy schedules make it difficult to find time to maintain a proper home. The best way to ensure your home is always clean and tidy is by hiring our team at Prime Home Aid. Whether you need weekly, every other week, monthly, or occasional housekeeping services, our professionals will leave you feeling comfortable in and proud of your space.

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Holiday Cleaning

We cover everything from villas, to cottages and caravans. These services tend to be covered by our brilliant domestic cleaning teams. 

New Build and Sparke cleans

a type of clean particularly for new build homes or after renovation work has been carried out, sparkle cleans make sure that homes are show-cased to their maximum potential. 

Shop Cleaning

it's very important in the retail world to keep your brand looking sharp and ahead of the competition. As shops have high-footfall they can become dirty and in need of cleaning regularly

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is available for all types of businesses, whether you need an office building cleaned weekly or you are after a one-off deep cleaning solution.

One-off Home Cleaning

This is just a one-off spring clean. It's intense, thorough and makes your home completely pristine. The clean can take up to 6 hours depending on the size and condition of your home.

Regular Cleaning

Most of our clients prefer routine visits from our professional housecleaners. Depending on how much activity your home sees, our weekly and biweekly services may be the best solution for you. They’ll give you more free time in your busy schedule while reducing the negative effects bacteria, allergens, and other unhealthy substances have on your family.

From cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms to changing your bed linens, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients feel as comfortable as possible in their freshly cleaned homes.

Special Event Cleaning

Major life changes often bring about a need for special event cleaning services. Regardless of the occasion, Prime Home Aid is ready and willing to fulfil your specific cleaning requests so you can focus on your other important preparation tasks.

Move in / Out Cleaning

Prime Home Aid offers flexible move-in and move-out cleaning services to ease the transition into your new space. Whether you need the entire house cleaned or just certain items on your checklist, our professional house cleaners are ready to help.

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